Gauntlet (C000112)


Length = 58″ (147cm)

Weight = 20.5oz

Tip = 9.5mm

Balance Point = 18″

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Britannia Gauntlet

The Britannia ¾ Titanium jointed Range features Stunning Black African Gabon Ebony, accurately hand spliced over the very best selected straight grained air seasoned North American ash wood possible, particular attention is paid to the grain pattern in this ash ensuring each shaft has between 3 to 10, even well shaped arrows equally spaced and aligned to the front of the cue in sync with the butt flat. Each model is then embellished with distinct splice patterns to cater for your personal preference and finished with the famous engraved Britannia black enamelled and Mother of Pearl disc badge.

The Britannia Titanium cues represent the pinnacle of Snooker cue design and craftsmanship. Thus they deserve only the very best materials in all aspects of their construction. As a consequence we have engineered an aviation grade Titanium threaded ¾ joint and lightweight extra strong 9.5 – 9.8 mm Titanium ferrule. These essential components within this cue are carbide machined to ensure strength, durability and unwavering performance. The superiority of Titanium over Brass is so profound that we felt obliged to name this range the Britannia Titanium collection. Traditional chrome tanned leather medium Grand tips are then fitted, compressed and even shaped for your convenience.

The Britannia Titanium cues are supplied in standard full length 58 inches (147 cms). Extra long, may be available upon request. This cue is multi-spliced with 4 natural sycamore veneers bracketing 4 thick cut black ebony veneers. Then 4 more hand splices of Butterfly Laos Burl wood are applied. This special Laos Burl timber is great to work with due to its unique and twisted grain pattern. It looks stunning, especially when contrasting with the purest black Gabon ebony and the natural sycamore veneers.

A particularly useful feature with this model is the 6 inch mini butt will fit in the base of the cue to allow an additional 6 inches (15 cms) of extra reach. Very useful and stops you having to overstretch on those awkward shots. Additionally the same mini butt will fit in the 3/4 joint position allowing you to shorten the cues overall length by 9 inches (22 cms). Again a fantastic feature which ensures you can use your Britannia cue even in tight spaces, plus makes achieving Masse and swerve shots that much easier. The best bit is the Britannia cue includes this flexible, high quality 6 inch weighted mini butt in with the purchase price. One cue 3 lengths!!! For shots which need a bit more reach, the Britannia Telescopic screw-in extension is available. Or for real flexibility, try the Britannia Mini Spacer.



Cue Length 58″ (147cm)
Shaft Length 43″ (114.3cm)
Butt Length 15″ (30.5cm)
Tip 9.5mm
Shaft Selected kiln dried North American Ash*
Butt Ebony
Butt Decoration Butterfly Burl, Ebony with Sycamore veneers
Joint Titanium ‘Quick Action’ 15″ from butt end.
Butt End Joint Yes
Mini Butt Yes


All sizes are nominal.



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