Break Cue (C00000B)


Length = 57″ (145cm)

Weight = 14.9oz

Tip = 11.4mm

Balance Point = 20.5″

Available on back-order


Britannia Break Cue

British pool break cue designed for the very discerning. Smash the pack with this ultimate breaking cue. 57-inch full-length cue. Crafted using the finest Canadian Hard Rock Maple to provide the hardest hit and thus the best possible break. Maple ensures maximum force is applied to the cue ball and with its ultra-smooth shaft finish creates less drag than a normal ash cue.  This cue is made ultra-light at 14-15 oz to ensure it will move with the highest speed when cueing for your break shot.  Super strong Phenolic resin 11.5 mm ferrule and extra hard Grand leather tips are used to maximise the transition of force from cue to ball. All this technology will give you the best break possible. The cue is finished with an attractive front hand splice of Black Gabon Ebony, Ebony veneer and Canadian Hard Rock Maple. This front splice is then inlaid with the famous engraved Britannia black enamelled Mother of Pearl disc badge and a leather butt pad is fitted and hand-sanded to protect the cue from bangs and knocks.

Cue Length 57″ (145cm)
Shaft Length N/A
Butt Length N/A
Tip 11.4mm
Shaft Canadian Hard Rock Maple
Butt N/A
Butt Decoration Ebony & Hardrock Maple & Ebony Veneers
Joint N/A
Butt End Joint N/A
Mini Butt N/A


All sizes are nominal.



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