Titan (C000008)


Length = 57″ (145cm)

Weight = 18.4oz

Tip = 8.8mm

Balance Point = 17″

Available on back-order


Britannia Titan

The Britannia Champion Titan is a full-size 57″ (145 cm), 3/4-jointed cue made from quality seasoned North American graded ash and a hand spliced rosewood butt with stunning decorative splices of zebreano backed with blue stained sycamore veneers.

All Britannia Champion cues feature a high tensile brass ferrule, quick release vacuum joint and a base of butt joint to allow the use of a 6” (15 cm) mini butt to be fitted. The mini butt which comes free with all Britannia Champion cues allows the cue to be extended for those awkward long reach shots. Also worth noting an optional telescopic extension is also available and will add significant length and flexibility when added to the base joint.

Finally, the butt flat and the mini butt is adorned with our pearlized standard Britannia disc badge to add an air of quality.


Cue Length 57″ (145cm)
Shaft Length 45″ (114.3cm)
Butt Length 12″ (30.5cm)
Tip 8.8mm
Shaft Selected kiln dried North American Ash*
Butt Rosewood
Butt Decoration Zebreanao & Blue Sycamore Veneer
Joint Solid brass, ‘Quick Action’ 12″ from butt end.
Butt End Joint Yes
Mini Butt Yes


All sizes are nominal.



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