Break Cue (S1440)


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Break Cue (S1440)
This 57 inch, one piece cue is crafted by Peradon in England from kiln dried, North American Ash and Rosewood. This Break Cue is designed for use when breaking of in the game of English 8 Ball Pool.

Manufacture & Specifications

The Ash is carefully selected for strength and straightness before being spliced with the large Rosewood front splice. The cue is then turned to its final tapered finish before the numerous sanding and finishing processes are undertaken to achieve a ‘silk smooth’ finish.

The butt is finished with a Peradon Break Cue name disc and leather butt pad. As is usual for a break cue the cue features a black fibre ferrule and 10mm Elkmaster tip.

Cue Length

57″ (145cm) Full Size

Shaft Length

Butt Length


10mm Elkmaster


Selected kiln dried North American Ash*



Butt Decoration

Rosewood Front Splice



Butt End Joint



Typical weights are between 16oz to 18oz

* The quality of the ash shaft is of the utmost importance when crafting a cue. Shafts are extensively selected with only a small percentage of the pieces processed making the grade for production of these cues. In order to maintain the highest standards of selection Peradon purchase more ash than any other English cue makers.

We are proud of our attention to detail and production processes, to see our cues being crafted click here to view our cue production video.

All sizes are nominal.


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