Taylor Made 3/4 Cue (TM85C)


Length = 57″ (142cm)

Weight = 18.5oz

Tip = 8.3mm

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Taylor Made Cues are made with high quality North American ash, Ebony and other exotic timbers and fitted with their own tips.


Cue Length 57″ (142cm)
Shaft Length 42.25″ (107.5cm)
Butt Length 14.5″ (37cm)
Tip 8.3mm
Shaft Selected kiln dried North American Ash*
Butt Ebony
Butt Decoration Exotic wood with Maple & Blue Veneers
Joint Solid brass vacuume
Butt End Joint Yes
Mini Butt Yes


All sizes are nominal.



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